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Becoming a club memberBecoming a club member

Verein für Musikinformation is a non-profit organisation that offers a perfect idea for perfect information at Accordi!

  • As a member you can take full advantage of our search engine.
    That means you receive access to all scores and sheet music; you can listen to sound samples and print out detailed background information on works and composers, as well as view and print entire scores.
    You can have entire recordings added to our web radio and listen to them within minutes in our "Request Concert" channel.
    You can also use your password to use our online shop.
Become a user of the world's largest database in the sector of sheet music: Accordi unites editions for orchestras of all kinds, school and ensemble literature, as well as specialised books and hard-to-find CDs.
Become a member of Verein für Musikinformation--the unique information network!

The cost of user access is:
  • One-time entry fee EUR 10.00/USD 0.00
  • Yearly membership fee EUR 25.00/USD 35.00
For members of WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles):
  • One-time entry fee EUR 0.00/USD 0.00
  • Yearly membership fee EUR 20.00/USD 25.00
As soon as you have registered as a member of Verein für Musikinformation you have access to all data records--from this point on you are perfectly informed.
With one user name and password all persons of one organisation or institution (e.g. music schools) have access to all the information in our database.

We will remind you to extend your membership one month before it ends.
However you are under no obligation to do so.
If you do not react your user access will be terminated.
Therefore there is no need of a cancellation on your part.
You decide yourself whether or not you want to fully use the advantages of a membership in Verein für Musikinformation.

Accordi is an indispensable database for conductors, music teachers, concert announcers and all other music lovers.

As a club member you also automatically receive our newsletter approximately once a month by e-mail free of charge.
If you would no longer like to receive the newsletter just send us a message.

This way to the registration.

See also: Becoming a shop user

If you would like to upgrade from shop user to club member contact us.

If you are already a club member and would like to pay your membership dues, please click here.

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